Highway Traffic Management System

Our Highway Traffic Management System conforms to the related freeway protocol standards issued by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and keeps traffic control room informed of the latest road conditions with the dynamic monitor platform of the central system. Our System can be effectively integrated to achieve overall coordination of traffic and highway operations and management, and it can provide road users with more up-to-date, convenient and diverse traffic information, safe travel, to improve the highway operation efficiency and road safety

  • Provides a safer, more convenient automated Highway
  • Effective monitoring of highway operating conditions to ensure the safety of road users with Incident detection systems
  • Providing appropriate and effective traffic control strategies in response to the quantity of traffic comprised of different vehicle types
  • Coordinating and integrating cross-unit traffic information exchange to facilitate real-time traffic information flow and improve transportation system performance
  • In the event of congestion or accident, an alternative is made available immediately, making overall network traffic distribution return to a state of equilibrium

Advanced Traffic Management System

The Advanced Technology has united with multiple technologies so that they can improve the flow of traffic and could save people from unwanted accidents. On the highway, people suffer from several activities which can be controlled by advanced technology. The advanced traffic management system provides an innovative solution for all problems and field as one of the best equipment. The system manages and covers, control, and provides safety. The solution helps in protecting and managing the transportation network and it also enhances the experiences of travelling for systems. The Advanced Technology of the highway helps authority by

  • It helps in reducing traffic accidents and congestion
  • The traffic management system improves traffic flow and incident response
  • It helps in increasing the safety of the highway
  • It also helps in increasing the visibility of incidents over the traffic system

Features of the System

Command and Control Center

In the Advanced Technology, the facility of CCR helps users to control the highway traffic system. It also helps in providing real-time traffic data. This system also helps in processing all data so that operators can react on time to any type of situations. It helps in managing the maximum safety of people

Emergency Call Box

It works according to its name as it helps the user of roads so that they can easily contact and inform with the highway control center in case they face or see any unfortunate situation. Then the information is passed and immediately the action is taken. ECB is generally located on both sides of the road

Surveillance System

In the Highway Traffic Management System they also installed CCTV camera so that the operator can easily keep an eye on each activity held on the highway. The camera installed on the highway path has the facility of zooming and tilt feature. It can also easily cover the target for the length of the highway. It has the facility of 360-degree revolving

Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier

The Technology of ATCC helps in detecting and recording all types of vehicles based on their length. The system was invented for the most trusted and Advanced Technology which has the capability to transfer the real-time data and network for storing data for more than a month and it also depends on the condition of traffic