Security & Surveillance

Vigilance Systems, our unified security system, helps you see what is happening in and around you, in realtime. With Vigilance Systems, you can pre-program alarms to be automatically alerted when an incident requires your attention. Vigilance systems help you keep an eye on vehicular movements on Plazas, highways, urban roads and border areas. Our Surveillance System incorporates cutting edge hardware with custom software in a turnkey solution that helps authorities monitor movements and protect key installations

  • Seamless functioning of CCTV cameras, recorders and other related surveillance devices for tracking each and every activity
  • Integrate ITS for creating a networking connect
  • Smooth, easy and safety interface
  • 24 x 7 Real Time Monitoring
  • Safeguard from theft, robbery or any other mishaps
  • Customized tracking and monitoring of essential areas specified

Vigilance System - How it Works?

The system of vigilance is very important especially on roads. It provides lots of benefits as using CCTV cameras providing extra safety for the public. It is the system which allows the use of video cameras through which you can monitor the exterior and interior of a particular property. It transmits signals to a monitor where your activities get captured

Now you will find that estimated cameras are more than the person in that particular area. It also helps in reducing crime. And it also helps in providing detailed information about particular incidents taken place on roads. We have seen that cameras are mostly installed under the traffic lights. It is to see that all people driving their vehicles on roads are following the traffic rules or not. Its major benefit is that it can monitor all activities of the premises. It has become the most important part of safety and to see that all rules and regulations are correctly applied. Nowadays people are installing CCTV cameras in their houses and offices also through which they can keep looking at the activities. There are many benefits of the vigilance system such as.


Deter Criminal Activities

This is one of the biggest and most recognized benefits of choosing a CCTV system on the roads. Most of the times criminals perform their bad activities by thinking that no-one is looking at them. But if CCTV is installed it captures all criminal activities whatever their acts would be. Even now with camera people used mounted alarm which means if anything wrong is happening outside it will automatically start ringing. Police also installed red light violation system so if anyone violates, it could easily detect it

Peace of Mind

A camera system installed also provide peace of mind as it also alerts criminals and they think ten times before doing any wrong activity. It makes people feel safe in darkness also and also help in reducing the crime rate. Now in advanced world cameras are wireless and can easily watch all activities on your mobile/desktop devices. It helps the government to keep an eye on every vehicle moving on the road. If there is any truck with overload and with rash driving then watching people can also get detailed information about it. Along with all these government is also installing a Security and Surveillance System for Highways that are prone to accidents