Weigh In Motion

Our Weigh in Motion System provides the most suitable solution for weight based tolling. It is designed to weigh heavy vehicles of any size with superior accuracy while ensuring ease of maintenance. This facilitates an increase in the through put at Toll Plazas by processing the vehicles in seconds

  • Informs permissible limits to carry load
  • Weigh Individual Axles ad GVW
  • Integration with License Plates results in increased security
  • At par with International standards configuration
  • Reduces Congestion
  • Online alarms for overloaded vehicles can be set up using the software
  • Prevents accidents and casualties by identifying over loads at check points
  • Helps Maintaining assets
  • Live reporting & monitoring of Data

Weigh In Motion Device

Now a days, the road haulage industry has a vast scope as they have to move a large number of goods between countries and business. In the same way, consumers rely upon the trucking industry through which it ensures that all needs will be met at a particular time, so the business can keep sales high. Weigh in Motion is the device which helps in recording and measuring the weight of trucks and other types of vehicles passed by the road


How a Weigh In Motion help?

Now a day, heavy Lorries are the main aspects of the roads which affect the infrastructure of roads in several ways. If one road is crowded with large Lorries and other vehicles, then they create cracks and damage the roads when they are overloaded with materials. If we talk about local business then their families and business depend on reliable, fast, and safe transportation but at the same time, they are worsening the condition of the road. It is in this situation when make use of the weigh-in-motion which helps in preventing from crack and damage due to overload trucks and other vehicles. It also helps in reducing road tear and wear

If our country road gets damaged daily then half of the economy gets wasted on it as the maintenance of the road is costly. With all these things vehicles with overload also have a chance of falling which adversely affects the other people also. And it also causes serious damage to roads which needs immediate maintenance. Another reason for using weigh in motion is, it provides safety for the public and now Medium Speed Weigh in Motion System is used for safety purposes.

Cross weighs in machine software and accessories

It is the system which is equipped with Microsoft compatible software, the system helps in capturing information about particular Lorries traveling on the road. Then the operators managing the weigh station can easily store, analysis and then create a report online without any hassle

The watch desk application can easily access the countless users as it helps the weight station manager through which they can stream traffic information on the time. And they can easily identify the offender and detailed information about the vehicle. Nowadays High Speed Weigh in Motion System in Delhi has also used for measuring the speed. Officials can also access data with the use of CCTV and license plate recognition system