Toll Management System

GreenTech ITS provides sophisticated end-to-end Toll Road Management solutions to address the challenges faced in the toll sector. It provides a modular set of capabilities that support every aspect of toll road operations. Our customizable solution helps reduce frauds & pilferages at the Toll Plazas. This results in an increase in the revenue with the help of our proven, modular and robust foul-free systems. Greentech ITS provides System design, development and customizations

  • Contribute to increased road safety
  • Fully Automatic and Semi-automatic Toll Collection
  • Automatic Vehicle Classification
  • Customized Report Generation
  • Zero Pilferage with the help of our exemplary auditable systems
  • Customizable to any technical specification

Managing the entire Toll Management System is a daunting task but with the help of our Toll Management System, it will be easy. With our Toll Management solution, you can also shop for highway construction, maintenances, operations, and tolling needs

The Automatic Vehicle Classification system can be considered as a backbone of Toll Management System. This assists better control, audit and management of the system. Our Toll Management system is very simple and can be easily operated. We provide amazing functionality and high performance

Comfortable Toll Management System
  • With the integration of hardware and software, we have great and popular Automatic Toll Collection System in India
  • It is the best and simple way by which toll barriers combine with the toll ticket machine. This method makes toll collection easy without any hassle
  • The barrier gets the command of toll machine open form and automatically closes after passing a vehicle
  • Our company provides the Electronic Toll Collection System by which sensory technology scans the card and mechanically collect the payment
  • Then it responses in a second and provides the receipt and allows the vehicle to pass


Why Choose our Toll Management System?

We use advanced technology and tools for developing the reliable and perfect toll management system in such ways.

Quick Processing

Our company provides a faster and convenient method for payment for customers. We provide multiple methods which are tested on all standards.

Simple organization control panel

We have a simple control panel for managing toll system and it makes easy for customers to understand reports within a seconds. The best thing is that our company’s tolls are also worked effectively on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. With this, if any incident happens it sends you notification immediately. Our Toll Management Company is a great choice and with starting to end you will feel free with our services.

Prevent from downtime of the system

We have improved preventive maintenances and quick turnaround for any updates with the help of pre-failure analytic system and provide Intelligent Toll Management Solution.


Our company uses the RFID system which helps in quick responses to the barriers. At the time of paying the toll, it communicates at high speed with the software. Then it checks the payment and permits term for the vehicle in order to access.